A holocaust history

Skærmbillede 2015-08-18 kl. 01.15.26I have in FF-blaðið, the former paper of the Faroese Fishermen’s Union, brought a number of articles about Israel.

Among those are the stories of the two holocaust survivors Hanna and Menakhem Ben Yami. Ben Yami is an internationally known fishery expert, who has been working for FAO. We met in USA in 2000, and he came to the Faroes for a fishing conference in 2004. He and his wife came back in 2005. We became friends, and they told me their fantastic history, how they escaped the Nazis and could start their own life in Israel. Their history is translated to English and is now in the archive of the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

Read the story of Hanna Menakhem and Ben Yami here.


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